2016 Field Results

Caribbean Legacy Project 2016

Students participating in thr 2016 Field School on Nevis had the opportunity to contribute to both historical and prehistorical archaeological projects. Marissa supervised excasvation of teh burials which will be used in her thesis project while Erika managed the geoarchaeological data recovery to beb used in her thesis.


Measuring the side of the Hamilton estate factory. The entire hamilton sugra factory was documented using traditional methods and new technologies. Tim flew a drone equipped with a GoPro camera to record the site from above. Photogrametry techniques ere also employed and images are being used to create a 3D model.
Opening the first unit on the beach midden at White's Bay. Sarah, Marissa, and Denise
Colette and Kanak enjoy the early evening sun at the end of a tough day.
The crew enjoys a joke at dinner.


Exposing the double burial.

Multiple burials revealed in the midden.

Although we set out to rescue recover only a single exposed crania with the possibility of an associated skeleton, we were surprised and challenged by the discovery of multiple burials in the midden grave. radiocarbon dating returned an age of 950 AD in radiocarbon years.

In accordance with tradition, Pirate Night requires all participants to scrounge out a costume suitable for the theme. At right we have Pirate Erika showing why she is not to be messed with during the field project.

Above: Denise throws herself into the excavtion. Pirate Alicia. Above: Pirate Eileen.



Above, Tim and Edwin take a break during very tough trenching. Drone imaging was Tim’s specialization during the project. He captured images of the Hamilton estate sugar factory and the White’s Bay midden site. The purpose of each drone mission was different. At Hamilton the goal was wide area coverage of the factory for heritage preservation documentation. At White’s Bay the objective was before and after data as well as documenting the coastline environment. We feel both objectives were achieved. Tim also shared the joys of dro0ne flight with local school children, thanks to the NHCS and Ministry of Education.

Dopcumenting the Hamilton sugar factory curing house.

Crew 2016 left to right: Denise, marissa, Erika, Alicia, Kanak, Eileeen, Sarah, Colette, Edwin. Kneeling: Elaine and Tim. IndianaDrones himself!


Below left: Elaine preparing to open an excavation unit. This unit proved to hold two burials. below right: Kanak communicates by radio with another student during total station survey.

Above. Erika sets out a trench for excavation. Profiles and samples from this trench are vital data for reconstructing the past environment at this site.


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