A four-week summer field school is being offered through California State University, Chico.

The field school is located on the Caribbean island of Antigua, at 300 year old Betty’s Hope, a former sugar plantation with existing structures and a small museum located on site.

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Contact Dr. Georgia Fox at Cal State Chico for details.

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English Harbour.



June 15-July 13 2013

The program offers 4 units of course credit for archaeological fieldwork as ANTH 280, 380, 480) and a non-credit option. The main goals of the field school are to provide hands-on training and experience in archaeological fieldwork. The field school will allow students to apply their academic training to practical use through excavation, mapping, surveying, data collection, as well as, analysis and the processing of archaeological recovered materials. Betty’s Hope operated from 1651until its sale by the Codrington family in 1944; the plantation operated continuously for almost 300 years, pre- and post-emancipation, thus allowing for a long-term, albeit complex, historical continuity in one place. The site is also a tourist destination, so students can experience aspects of public archaeology at the site. The field school will comprise field archaeology, lectures on Antigua’s English colonial history and historical archaeology, as well as some weekend fieldtrips. Working on the island will also allow students to experience contemporary Caribbean culture, thus gaining an appreciation for the Antiguan people and culture. Field work will be complemented by access to local beaches after a busy day in the field. The field school runs from June 15 through July 13.

Students enjoy three meals a day prepared by ther project chef. Accommodations in fully furnished guest cottages near historic Nelson's Dockyard.

The museum on site at the plantation.

Academic credit
Number of credits: 4
Offered by: California State University, Chico


Total cost $4,630.00 plus $240 (4 units).

(RCED 979-G non credit or a non-credit option of $4,630.00). Includes room/board and ground transportation. Does not cover cost of travel to Antigua.

Application by March 29, 2013. $500 deposit required.

Applications online at

No Experience Required
No experience is required.

Room and Board Arrangements
Accommodations and meals are provided by the field school. Living accommodations will be in first class guest houses that are fully furnished and located in the quiet residential area of the historic Nelson's Dockyard National Park in English Harbor. The houses are set on a hillside, and are cool and spacious, with adequate workspaces and a great view of the sea.

Three delicious meals a day are provided seven days a week by our own fabulous cook. Everyone will meet at the main house for meals. All meals are varied, well balanced. and delicious. Breakfast is light - fresh fruit, cereal and toast; Lunch is a brown bag sandwich affair to be eaten in the field during the week, with a warm lunch being served on weekends; Dinner is a full hot meal. Meals can be supplemented with snacks that are available at local shops. Students are not permitted to cook in the accommodations houses. All students will be expected to assist with kitchen duties on a rotational basis.

Note: due to logistical constraints, it is not always possible to provide meals to individuals with dietary restrictions (i.e., strict vegans). Because all students must be on the group meal plan, please contact Dr. Fox if you have dietary restrictions.

Newlson's Dock yard


$2,902.00 for the full project, which includes airfare, ground transportation, room and board, tuition, insurance and student fees. The cost without airfare is $1542.00. Any additional costs are assumed by the student.

Minimum Age: 18

Contact Information
Dr. Georgia L. Fox, Dept. of Anthropology,
California State University, Chico
400 W. First Street
Chico, CA 95929-0400
(530) 898-5583,

Site of Betty's Hope Plantation

Windmills at research site.